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Commissions Update!


….is that I need them. Desperately.

My mom and I are really struggling to make ends meet, and while I may not show it online a lot, since I use Tumblr to escape from my problems so I can attempt to be sane, I am at my wit’s end. So, commissions are a-go!

I will be offering $10 commissions starting today. And for only $10, you will get….

-Any fully colored character of your choosing

-The choice between a bust shot, head shot, waist shot, or full character

- The choice between colored lines or black lines

-Any simple background of your choosing i.e. spirals, bubbles, flowers, etc.

-My undying love, admiration, and gratitude.

An example of a fully colored, colored line commission is below.



Great! Please let me know here on Tumblr, by e-mail at, or through DeviantArt at BubblyMiyaCommission (link on blog page). And, if for some reason you wish to just send money (for whatever reason), my PayPal acount is linked to the same e-mail I listed above.

The group might be over, but anyone who still happens to follow this blog is free to commission me too!

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Lunch at Lilycove


"Oh, well I guess that makes sense" Corvin admitted as he took the last bite of his steak. Even though Corvin didnt make facial expressions you could still see his disappointment that there wasnt more food on his plate. Corvin even gave a low sigh

"Well" He clapped his hands together "I dont know about you but I want dessert" Corvin pointed his finger in the air like he just had a great idea "aaand I’m going to let you pick what. I mean last time we had dinner together you seemed pretty knowledgeable about desserts. Much more then me and you’ve probably eaten here a lot more then me so… and also its for the both of us so dont think you can just pick something that you know is gross" Corvin leaned back "I trust your judgement on this matter completely"

Columbia shook her head “No, I didnt say anything. I was just thinking out loud about something… stupid. You really wouldnt want to hear about it” Columbia kept her gaze on her plate. Rolling some of her food around with her fork. Columbia looked up at one point and it seemed like she was going to say something but then said nothing. Finally after struggling to find the right words she talked again “Do I seem weird to you? Like not just the eye I mean like me.”

She chuckled lightly. “You must have really liked what I chose before if you are so keep on letting me choose now when I don’t remember you!” Having already finished her ravioli, Kory took this moment to lean back and closed her eyes. She began to ponder what to suggest. “With heavy foods like steak and pasta, most recommend something light to finish. And since this is still early in the day, I agree.”

She leaned back forward and smiled. “They sell lovely gelato here. I say the raspberry is a nice, mild flavor that will satisfy that desire. It’s sweet but not overpowering. At least, the good ones are, but, considering this is a decent place, theirs should be too.”

Chirii let out a puzzled whine. “Weird?” she repeated. “Why would you say that? Of course not! You are my friend. It’s just a little hard catching up since we hadn’t seen each other so long. It’s like that with a lot of Kory’s other Pokemon too. It’s awkward at first, but we’ll be as close as we were before, I’m sure.”

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Lunch at Lilycove


"It would be cool if you could do that. I hate to admit it but I get really easliy lost in new citys unless I do some research on the place first and coming here was sorta just a sudden decision" Corvin chuckled "and you know us men, we dont ask for directions" He shrugged and had a bite of his steak.

"Orienus labs? I dont think I’ve been there so no. Is that where you’re staying or? I thought you were like a advicer or something"

Columbia waited for an answer. She looked kinda nervous. When she didnt get one she shook her head “Thats alright, forget that I said anything” She turned her gaze down as she scratched the back of her neck “It was going to be a dumb question anyway”  she said in a lower tone. Columbia was silent for a bit before mumbling something under her breath that sounded like “stupid”

Without saying anything more she picked up her fork and started eating again.

"No, you’re right. I am." Kory chuckled as she pulled out a folded up flyer from her pants pocket. "I agreed to take my cousin there, but I am on business too. I am a tournament advisor. There is one right now there, so I have been training anyone who is there that wants my help."

Chirii blinked and looked up, confused. “Um, I’m sorry, did you say something? I kinda spaced out there. Sorry.” Truth be told, Chirii had been thinking about something personal, but unfortunately, she didn’t even realized Columbia asked her a question. She frowned a little since it looked like Columbia was upset or nervous now. She didn’t know what could have possibly been said to have her act this way though.

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Lunch at Lilycove


Corvin was hesitant at first about giving up his phone but then quickly gave in. Corvin went to add new contacts then handed Kory his phone and took hers. He entered his number under the name ‘Corvin (the tall guy)’ Corvin waited for her to finish writing and then they traded their phones again.

Corvin found her name in his conacts and changed something about it but Kory couldnt see what it was.

"Well then" He put his phone back in his pocket "Say, you live here now, right? Or at least know this place better then me. If you ever have any free time, could you maybe show me around?" He had a bite of his steak and finished up his wine while he waited for an answer

Columbia nodded “its good that you enjoy it” Finally she managed to get that smile of her face. Columbia countinued eating her salad and then looked up “I was wondering, feel free not to answer if you dont want to, but have you dated anybody else except Solan? If you havent, have you thought about it?”

She put her phone away, not giving what he was doing much thought. Not that she would have even if she noticed what he was doing. She smiled a little more as she knew her way around Lilycove. She didn’t think so, since she still gets lost, but she wasn’t going to tell him that. “Sure, if you really want. I don’t mind. I guess I could text you the days I might be free when they come around. It would be nice to go out on a break I guess. Oh, that reminds me, do you know where the Orienus labs are? I can give you latitude and longitude since, y’know, it’s technically an island. You can’t miss it though.”

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Lunch at Lilycove



Columbia tried to hold back her smile “(Yeah, I know who you’re talking about… But I’ve said too much already. I wouldnt want to ruin Misha’s fun)” Columbia winked at Chirii “(You’ll hopefully see Misha tomorrow and then you can ask her all about it”) The smile that she had been holding back forced its way to her face “(but that isnt the only good thing she has to talk about)” Columbia looked down at her food and tried to get that smile of her face “(But now I’ve really said too much)”

Columbia started eating again “(How are you liking your food? My food is a little bit too dry for me but it doesnt suffer that much from it, its still pretty good)” She was now trying to change the subject so she wouldnt spoil to much

Corvin finally returned, still talking on the phone but he was clearly ending it “Alright, bye” He sat back down at the table “Sorry about that. Family, what can you do.” Corvin looked at his plate. He had almost finished his food. There were about 2, maybe 3 bites left. “Do you want to exchange numbers now, since I might have to leave soon”

Chirii’s tail perked up as her curiosity was stirred. Columbia was confusing her with the secrecy, but she didn’t look like she was going to say anything more. She went back to her food just as Columbia asked about it.

"(It’s pretty decent. The crab’s a day old, which is disappointing for a coast city. I was hoping it would be fresh caught today. The berries are really good. I was worried that I wouldn’t like some of them, since I hadn’t had a couple of them before, but they taste really good."

Kory looked up as she heard his voice approaching. She quickly minimized what she was doing by the time he sat down. “Oh, sure. That’s no problem. Let me get to my contacts and we can add our own to each other’s.” She began to bring up her contacts on her phone and selected the new contact icon before she held it out to him.

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Lunch at Lilycove


"(Thats okay. We wont be drinking that much anyway. I dont want to pressure you into anything)" Columbia rubbed the back of her head nervously but then she smiled "(And dont worry I never get drunk or anything like that, just ask Misha)" Columbia shook her head "(Anyway, yeah. We’re not having a girls night out just for drinking, we’re just doing this for fun. If it makes you uncomfortable that we would drink, we can just, you know, not drink then. I’d much rather have you with us then to drink)"

Columbia took a bite of her food. It was a bit dry but she was so hungry that she ignored the taste and made quick work of it “(We’ll most likely go out around 6. I hope you’ll be free then)”

Columbia looked around to make sure that no one that she knew was here and then turned to Chirii “(I just have to tell you this one thing. Did you know that Misha is in a serious relationship right now)” Columbia grinned “(and you’ll never guess with who. If Misha asks then I didnt tell you anything, she would want to tell you about it herself… But I’ll say one more thing. You know him)” She then had another bite of her food, still with that grin on her face

Chirii raised her eyebrows in surprise. “I….don’t understand. Wasn’t she dating that guy and already serious before I left? You, that gengar guy with the slicked back hair. I was half expecting to see a wedding invitation come up one day. They were so cute together. Like they were made for each other.”

She cooed at the thought of them. Deep in her heart, Chirii hoped that they were still together.

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Lunch at Lilycove


Now Columbia felt bad for making Chirii sad. Thats actually what she had been afraid of doing and thats why she tried to pull back her question before. “(Its going to be okay)” she tried to reassure her “(You did catch her in time and she is alright now)” Columbia had to stop herself from reaching over and wiping away Chirii’s tears. She smiled “(And who knows? Maybe she will get her memory back just like in the movies)” Columbia really didnt like seeing Chirii sad “(Hey, I know what will cheer you up. Me, Jaina, Misha and Lola were going to have a girls night out tomorrow night. Maybe you could tag along)” She smiled brightly “(It’ll be fun. I know that Misha will be thrilled to see you again and Jaina also really wants to meet you and I’m sure you and Lola will get along great. After that maybe you can help get started on my training again)” Columbia chuckled “(That is if Jaina will allow me to start training again)”

Columbia gave Chirii another reassuring smile before she started eating again. Columbia had already started making plans on what they were going to do but now she had to add one more too it. There was then a thought that came to her. She finished her bite and looked up from her plate to Chirii “(Uhm, Chirii. Do you drink? Its cool if you don’t. I mean Misha will most likely not be drinking. I was just wondering)”

Chirii smiled weakly and began to rub her eyes as soon as she realized she was crying. She had hoped she could have hidden from Columbia but it was probably already too late.

"A girls night out?" She looked up to Columbia, a little surprised. "I’d love to, but I have to see if Kory’s schedule tomorrow would allow it. Y’know, since I help her train," she sighed. "But if I can, I’ll be there.Promise!" She tried to force a small to try and reassure Columbia, but the next question caught her off guard.

"Do I…drink?" She laughed lightly. "Actually, I’ve never tried. Since Kory gets tipsy so easily, I never thought of trying. When she was dating Xan, I almost did, though. Can’t remember why I didn’t…."

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Lunch at Lilycove


Corvin shrugged and took another bite of his steak “We’ll figure something out. Theres no hurry, I’m not going anywhere soon” He was going to say something else before his phone started ringing. He stopped in mid motion to hear what ringtone it was “phew. Hold that thought” He started to pat his pockets to try and find his phone. When he found it he pulled out a new and expensive phone and check who was calling “Sorry, do you mind? I have to take this”

Corvin stood up from the table and answered his phone “Hey. Is everything okay?” he then walked away to somewhere a little more private to continue his phone call.

Columbia gasped “Are you serious?” She turned to Kory with a worried look “Thats awful. How did it happen? Is she alright?” She looked back to Chirii, still with her worried look “What about you and Alonso, are you alright?” Columbia shook her head “I’m sorry, you must get asked that all the time. You don’t have to answer. I know that feeling because you know… m-my eye.” Columbia pointed to her black eye to further her point

Kory watched him leave with mild interest. She was a little surprised to see the model of phone he had. She was sure that it wasn’t released yet. No matter to her though. She turned around and whipped her PDA back out, using one hand to work on it and the other to eat her ravioli.

Chirii sighed. “(It’s okay. Kory doesn’t like being questioned so much about it but Lons and I are okay with it for the most part.)” she explained. “(We’ve been doing okay with it for the most part, but it hasn’t been easy. The hardest part was when the accident happened. I was with her. I don’t know what I would’ve done if I hadn’t been able to catch her in time.)” She swallowed, even though she wasn’t eating anymore. The memory was still as fresh as if it just happened. Before she realized it, her eyes were watery as she fought back tears.

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Lunch at Lilycove


Corvin nodded “Good, I like that in people. I do not like diets. Everything is good in moderation, is what I always say… and a bunch of other people but screw them its a good quote and I’m keeping it.” Corvin took a large bite of his steak which finally made him shut up. Corvin washed down his bite with a little wine, taking a second to enjoy “Well it sounds like you are still pretty cool, we should have dinner sometime since this is more like… afternoon lunch? I really need to improve my vocabulary, but yeah anyway we should totally have dinner sometime. I could cook” Corvin used his fork to pick up a small bite “it could be fun”

Columbia nodded “I know right. Weird thing is that she isnt anything like the other girls that he has been into. He is into… well at least he was into like big, strong girls. Like your friend Gen, I’m pretty sure he had a thing for her. Anyway he is dating a blissey named Ursula. I don’t really like her so you wont hear many good things about her from me but I like Heavy and she makes him happy so I’ll deal with her” She shook her head thinking about Ursula. Columbia started eating some of her food while muttering something unintelligible under her breath “I just thought you should know that before you meet them again so you wont be surprised if I act like a bitch around her. I’d also like to add that I have my reasons to dislike her but you should get to make your own opinions on her. Enough about her and Heavy. What about you… and I dont mean to sound rude I feel like Kory is a bit diffrent”

Kory continued to enjoy her meal as he replied, admittedly wishing she could just keep eating it all day. It was really velvety and savory. She was taking a sip of her soda when he offered for them to have dinner together. The offer made a chuckle a little. “The asking is the easy part, but the actually arranging is hard.” she said. “As you already noticed, I’m constantly working. Having a spontaneous dinner isn’t possible unless I want to swamp myself. Maybe if we arrange a day, I can try to make it work, but no promises, I’m afraid.”

Chirii laughed. “(Don’t worry, I don’t blame you if you don’t like her. You know Heavy and this Ursula girl better. You are a good judge of character, so I trust you have a good reason.)” She paused at the mention of Kory. She glanced to Kory briefly, before she could notice, and turned back to Chirii. “(Well, Kory….Kory lost part of her memory in an accident. This is essentially her first time meeting you guys now.)” She began to play with one of her crab cakes, struggling to find the best way to put it. “(She…she doesn’t remember anything about Saros. She doesn’t even remember hearing about it.)”

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